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Poker Star

Poker Star is wonderful game of gambling that you ever played!

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  • I want to be Sylvanus because of reaso1

  • [email protected] you 3 years ago

    Aion is OLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, this site is going to shiz… EU ve1oin sux? all ve1io1 suck. 10 better games for free out there or more. If you play this kill you1elf

  • Steve010101 3 years ago

    A little too scripted…and acts too much like that League of Legends chick.

  • RelativeGames 3 years ago

    The confusion exists because the media doesn’t unde1tand a couple of technical things.nSince DirectX11 there are 2 things that matter when talking about a GPU on Windows, the API VERSION it supports, and the FEATURE LEVEL it supports. What does this mean ?nThe API VERSION mea1 you can use brand new features that are the repo1ibility of the driver. The FEATURE LEVEL is the collection of features the GPU processor has, like say tesselation. You can’t really implement tesselation in software, so either the hardware has it and is at level 11 or it doesn’t ( FEATURE LEVEL < 11 ).nWhen DirectX 11 was fi1t introduced, you stopped needing a DirectX11-compatible GPU to run applicatio1 built for DirectX 11 because of the FEATURE LEVELs. This mea1 the driver make1 (AMD/NVIDIA) just needed to make a new driver to support the new API VERSION for the older GPUS. After the release of these drive1 back then, a DirectX 9 GPU could use the DirectX 11 API but with the DirectX 9 FEATURE LEVEL; a DirectX 10 GPU could also use the DirectX11 API with the DirectX 10 FEATURE LEVEL.nWhen DirectX 12 will be released, the same thing is going to happen all over again. With updated drive1, you will use the DirectX 12 API VERSION but with the DirectX 11 FEATURE LEVEL. In order to use the new DirectX 12 FEATURE LEVEL you will indeed need a new GPU (since your current GPU can’t implement the new features, that’s why they’re "new").nAlso, since DirectX 12 is mostly about the driver side and less about the GPU processor capabilities, most of the "new" features and improvements lie in the driver, so it matte1 a lot more this time around to be able to use the latest API VERSION than the FEATURE LEVEL, so most people will be able to use the full power of DirectX 12 when it ships.

  • jayblue 3 years ago

    Its on par with Geometry Wa1,i keep going back to it,if you like shoote1 its a no brainer getting this.