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Dinosaur Invasion

Image that you are the doctor who has made the evil dinosaur to destroy cities! Try to survive longer and destroy more!

Category: Action

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  • Raw Imagination 3 years ago

    Widowmaker is/was positively broken on the PC. The only counter to a Widowmaker is another Widowmaker. I can go in-depth but her kit alone makes her with all the strengths and none of the weaknesses a sniper should have.

  • edkrass 3 years ago

    BTW, for those that want to see the list of over 450 games that Uhrman mentioned, you can see it at: List of Games Coming to OUYA

  • I look at it as if its a teaser trailer. As if its purpose is just to say, “Hey, MKX exists, and its coming next year! Get ready for a steady stream of news over the next year until the release date arrives”.nAnd by all mea1, I doubt if its really trying to “show off” the MKX game given that MK9 plot-wise…the Sub-Zero in the trailer is a “very” different pe1on.