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Lovely Bear Coloring

Colors are happiness and bear hugs are joy. When you want to cuddle and get cozy, nothing is as happy as expressing love to bears. Add energy to the love prevailing in the drawing by giving it colors of your choice.

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  • OmarTheBest 3 years ago

    Ok, well, lets play the same card in another way. Games in general need more cultural dive1ity. I hate this american centrism in games which are in superiority compare to other games. In fact coming from the eastern european background I am always sad seeing my culture not represented enough. Even game companies from my country are afraid of failure, so they rather choose to set their games in US with white america1 as a main protagonists. Witcher was fi1t game which toss this stupid american-centrism away and build their game upon our own culture and mythology. For the fi1t time I could feel proud to be part of this culture, however the game wasn’t accepted very well among game reviews which were mostly white America1. The game was struggling hard to become what is it now, and not sacrificing anything from its cultural heritage. And it was hard, because most of the people were used to this american high fantasy like Elder Scrolls, which depict other cultures very superficially. Sad true is that our countries are very homogeneous concerning dive1ity of race. 99% of Eastern Europea1 are white, it is not like in America or in Western Europe where the society is more multicultural. Therefore people from this region always depict the world as they know it. Even though the world of Witcher 3 is fantastical, it is based on two things. Slavic mythology and medieval history of Central and Northern Europe, thus the historical realm of Poland. And the true is that even though there may be like 3-4 PoC wandering through those lands per year then, they were definitely very very rare and I can assure you that back then they were very often targets of supe1titio1 and ha1h xenophobia. Regarding the way how Witcher game depict the world in its ha1h realistic form, it would put game develope1 in front of tough question. Either they will include some characte1 into the game for the sake of dive1ity, but those characte1 will be treated as they would be in the extremely xenophobic and supe1titious environment of the medieval society, or they will exclude those characte1. I can imagine the fi1t decision would cause the same commentary, maybe even tougher. So I can see this very unfair toward the Witcher games, because what you’re doing is that you force your experience of american culture with very different demographic structure to game descending from completely different cultural background. True is that games in general really lacks more people of color, however I don’t thing this problem will be resolved by forcing some multicultural point of view, which is unique to you as an American to cultures of othe1. I thing the only way which will work is to embrace those cultures to create games set in their world and mythology, not fall into the american-centric production. And as well as Eastern European studios struggled really hard to get to the point where they are almost equal to those of America and Western Europe, the African, Indian and other game develope1 will do the same and at some point they will produce cutting edge games set in their own environment. And I’m really looking forward to see in a near future some African RPG with only black people in it, based on the very interesting African mythology. I bet there will be some complai1 from white guys about how the game isn’t dive1e. And those develope1 will give a fucked, because it is game from their culture as they know it and no white guy can force his culture to their own.

  • bengiyo 3 years ago

    Why does the list say “Activision Blizzard” for Destiny? Bungie is developing that game.