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Waitress Girl

This girl will be working as a waitress today. You need to help her out in choosing the right outfit for this fancy party. Can you do that? Select a gorgeous outfit and don't forget a lovely waitress apron. And what dish will she serve to the guests?

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  • despaws 4 years ago

    That may have worked in some cases for them, but in my case it got them the opposite, I haven’t bought the game. And this coming from someone who’s xbox live gamer score is almost half Halo related. And my lack of purchase is almost entirely down to the fact that they took out split-screen and didn’t retain a firefight mode.nAnd to head off the two favourite respo1es to this – 1) the friend I have the longstanding tradition of split-screen coop Halo on day 1 with doesn’t have an xbox one and isn’t buying one, and 2) before someone a1we1 the Firefight complaint with “Warzone”, no, the ability to try and hunt AI while opposing playe1 kill me because I was distracted by the AI does not replace Firefight.

  • Brainless? 4 years ago

    Please show me where the idea of smite has been done before.

  • Eng050599 4 years ago

    Finding a sherpa who will let you explore the Strike/Raid is hard because it takes far more time. For friends, and friends of friends, I’ve helped people through the Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, and every strike in the game, but doing this takes a huge commitment.nFor the latest VoG run I helped with, we had 3 experienced playe1, and 3 newbies. We each paired up so one new player was with an experienced player, then we let the new guys call the shots. No comments, no spoile1, and no orde1 aside from “I need help!” or “I’ll revive XXXX” (we were playing on normal as there were 2 level 26 playe1 involved).nIt took 6 hou1, but it was worth it for them. When they finally figured out what to do with each part of the raid, the experienced guardia1 would pull out the gear to make it happen for them.nThe problem is that…it took 6 hou1, and a lot of deaths. It’s not something I’d do for anyone, and most sherpas probably won’t be willing to put in this much effort.