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Super Appleman Ultimate battle

AWSD/Arrow keys to move and jump; JKL/123 to defense or attack.

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  • soul__traveler 4 years ago

    Nintendo sells refurbished 32GB Deluxe models with a 1 year warranty and NintendoLand for $200, the price of a Vita! I don’t unde1tand why people dislike and/or hate on the Wii U, the only problem it has is there have been no games for it, it has been crucified for it, but that’s starting to change. The Gamepad could have a longer battery life, but it really isn’t a bad controller. Another good thing about the Wii U web browser is one of the fastest out there. And the built in streaming feature, you can watch netflix etc. anywhere in your house. Have i sold you yet?

  • theo1143 4 years ago

    The refund system steam is using is an official way which shops use for ages.nThe only thing they did fix is the nightmare of buying codes!nSince codes where always none refundable at any shop.nSo on the other-side steam didn’t do anything new beside fixing the codes into the old system.nAnd steam “NEEDED” to do something like this because otherwise they would not stay the bigest.nIf i think you should get a refund for a game you enjoyed, hell no.nBut can you enjoy a game which you finished in 2 hou1?nThe dev didn’t bother to put the content into the game but did bother asking you money?nYes if we look to it from that point, why should I not get a refund?… rightnI love how steam it does, especially how devs complain…nThose same devs i’m describing here, a tip to them: MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES!nIt doesn’t matter how you turn it, if you pay for something and you don’t get what you asked for.nYou deserve a refund… Amen.