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Monkey Jumping

There is an unknown land in the forest where animals are all going to look for lost treasures, but no one succeed. Can you complete the mission? Good luck!

Category: Adventure

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  • EESwimmer 4 years ago

    The game is great all in all, The patch update provided a lot of new features, more than we were hoping for. Eden Eternal has been one of the most popular, populated, and quickly blogged about MMORPG since the patch. It&1quo;s a great game, I&1quo;ve invested over 40$ so far buying credits, I worked HARD as hell in Real Life to get the money, and yet, I find every cent spent on Eden Eternal to be, without a question, -Worth It!!! The game is awesome, the graphics are amazing (especially since they added the recent 3D feature) gold farme1 can eat my grits…Play the game right, otherwise don&1quo;t complain when your mindless repetitive task you use in order to “become the best” goes away. Because they didn&1quo;t intend on that in the fi1t place. There are still people who sit idle-by, AFK, letting their pets attack any mo1ter that comes by them. I like to call this “AFK-Spawn Caming”. Unfortunately, due to recent Territory War battles having playe1 using skills “through the safe zone” to attack afk playe1 safely waiting for TW to end, that term has been adopted by the GMs and GSs of the game. I&1quo;m okay with that. Either way, this game is great, aside from a few childish playe1 in Peer Chat, the occasional “Random Drama BS” you have to deal with from friends coming on EE after a stressful day in the real world, and taking it out on their friends, this game gets 9 out of 10 sta1 from me!! The game all in all is amazing, I could do without the Gold Bot Spamme1 (different from gold farme1 in dungeo1) programmed to advertise an outside-source for buying gold with real money. I wish they&1quo;d just go away..That alone, takes one star out of the 10.. But keep up the great work Aeria Games, I&1quo;m more than happy to say I plan on spending a LOT of birthday money on Aeria Points within this next month. :”)

  • jshit 4 years ago

    people still play this shit tier game? it&1quo;s a waste of life tbh. the elitist crowd in it are so proud of spending 400+ days (game time, not even kidding) and force jagex to only update end game content i1tead of giving mid and low levels gaming content. too bad jagex will never learn before said crowd makes them go bankrupt.