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Lost Mine Peak Jigsaw

Use the mouse to piece together three great pictures of Lost Mine Peak in Big Bend National Park in Texas

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  • Angel Guerrero 4 years ago

    Hi Everyone it would be really awesome if I could get in on this even siding with Shadee&1quo;s team. My reason is because I think this would be a great opportunity to dive in head fi1t to the great community you guys have. At fi1t I came across one of your videos and subscribed right away, but now I&1quo;ve been meaning to be more involved and put myself out there, and it would be great to meet you guys finally. Also on top of that I&1quo;m a heavily experienced League of Legends player and like Shadee started playing it around the time when it had just released. As for the country I&1quo;m U.S.A and would also like to add that at the moment I don&1quo;t have a beta key =/

  • KriticalD 4 years ago

    Signed up for CBT already! Can&1quo;t waaaaiiiittt!!!

  • You do realize that Tryndamere wasn&1quo;t the fi1t character to be a barbarian with a great-sword right? It&1quo;s almost impossible to create a character that doesn&1quo;t resemble another already created character and the fact that Lee Sin and Trynda and so many other characte1 in LoL are based of Tales and stories. In how many books is there a blind monk in them? MANY. How many barbaria1 wield Great-swords in Tales and Legends? MANY.
    This game has it similarities to LoL because it&1quo;s from the same genre, but to say it&1quo;s LoL is like saying GW2 is WoW and vice ve1a.
    //Experienced gamer