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No Halo No Entry

Cupido has been tasked with the mission of killing everything without a halo, that is invading the kingdom, No Halo No Entry. Free the trapped Angels and destroy the evil demons through 24 challenging levels, shoot them directly or use items to start a chain that will end in demon destruction, rolling balls with spikes and many other interactive objects will keep you on your toes throughout.rnUse the the mouse to aim, shoot and control power.rn

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  • grimc 4 years ago

    TW didn&1quo;t invent the morale mechanic. Pretty sure the old MS Close Combat games utilized it.

  • Tevin Jenki1 4 years ago

    tevin got call of dutymw2 tevin devin 912-480-2818

  • Goodluck(Gabriel) 4 years ago

    I want to be awilix becuase i was playing her on practise and she is amazing. She has such unic moves and abilities + she is a little bit Op becuase of her fi1t and second move. Fi1t one is when she rides her panfar its really good becuase it lasts forever and it does quite a bit of damage and her second is when she attacks someone and jumps over them i think thats just amazing.

  • True enough, you have a point there. Like I said, the gameplays awesome. The community, and people&1quo;s reaction to the community, not so.