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You wake up on an “apparently” deserted island. rnYour plane has crashed but you will soon discover that you are not alone as you thought.rnThe Bubblings, small and friendly characters who live on the island,will do everything to help you get back to your home.rnMatch three or more of your new friends and use their magical powers as a signal to attract a ship to the shore.

Category: Adventure

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  • edwin.b.parker 4 years ago

    My experience with Battlefield 4 has been overall, good! On launch there were problems, a lot of problems mostly pertaining to crashes. Overtime, my experience has increased 100% , for me. I do recognize that othe1 are having issues with the game (i.e. Net-Code, Crashes, Soundbugs, Framerate issues, etc.),but it doesn&1quo;t mean that the game is bad! Look at the graphics, the gameplay, the UI, the Commander Mode. You are able to play Battlefield on a tablet! This game has great potential and I&1quo;ll be damned if I let these issues impede my fun and experience. My problem with the game though, is mostly directed toward EA for reeming their loyal custome1 who paid either $60 or $120(for digital deluxe and premium). We shouldn&1quo;t be mad at DICE, they ARE trying. It&1quo;s EA that impedes DICE from getting anything done such as, EA making DICE halt all DLC untill the game is “fixed.” I want to end my spew positively though. Have faith! Believe that DICE is fixing it (which they are) and don&1quo;t go hassle DICE on the forums with comments saying “FIX THE GAME” and “THE GAME IS STILL BROKEN” have a heart and leave them be.

  • Serg86 4 years ago

    I love Warframe Update 9 because it&1quo;s flipping awesome, that&1quo;s why!