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RGB Shift

You control a ship by inertial movement in a vectorial Red, Green and Blue world.
Your own ship can change color by looking for Shifters.
You can catch balls of your own color, but you must avoid balls whose color is different from your own, or you will die (but you can always try again).

The game includes 30 different and original levels, 2 different control systems (Basic: auto rotate, auto-reverse, or Advanced: full manual), and 2 different game modes: Normal and Hardcore.
Do everything you can to get the best possible times for each level and gain Medals. Upload your best scores to online Leaderboards (both for Normal and Hardcore), and compete against other players.

WARNING: this game is EXTREMELY challenging!

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  • adamsak 4 years ago

    I played two hou1 during the fi1t test-fire weekend. Can’t wait to do it again. The inventive combination of shooting and strategy makes for a fantastic combination.nI kinda feel bad for people who like shoote1, but don’t own Wii U co1oles. They’re missing out.