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Cargo Truck Time Challenge

In this game your objective is to delivery your cargo in less than a minute.rnrnTake care while driving. Don't let the cargo fall down nor crash the truck.

Category: Driving

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  • Zudeo 4 years ago

    Really? They&1quo;re scarce? I saw quite a few on Sunday at my local Best Buy. I&1quo;m sorry to hear you&1quo;re having issues locating one.

  • Bananta 4 years ago
  • vulcanhacker 4 years ago

    ^ I watched it too. Its not terrible, but its bad. Nothing special about it. The Pilot had bad CGI, cartoonish antagonists and shallow story. Main character is a charming and pretty girl who is a decent actress. Thats the only positive thing I can say about it. On the other hand Jessica Jones trailer seems serious and dark. I am hoping it will be as good as the Dare Devil series.

  • randomfella21 4 years ago

    Gal Gadot is from Israel, which makes her Middle Eastern. Seriously, do a little research before making blanket statements on somebodies ethnicity / skin color. I know you’re trying to beat the “hollywood only hires skinny white women” drum but know what you’re talking about before throwing around stuff like that. It’s ignorant.

  • Sam K 4 years ago

    As it is an hasty clone and it is made by SOE. All the points need a “yet” or “for now” added to them, cause everyone and their momma know they are going to feck this up. We already have one failing zombie game, do we really need a second one?

  • Bro Z 4 years ago

    USA/Canada is unavailable? gg. This game&1quo;s gonna go down under, pfffffft! lol. So much for the hype.