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Gator Duck Hunt

Daddy Gator and the baby gator are hungry. They need to hunt something to feed theirrnempty stomach. There are ducks out there in the platform. Help both gators get all the duckrnby solving puzzle in order to get to the duck.rn

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  • ?????? 4 years ago

    Damn! All keys gone, thats freaking fast. Will there be anymore keys cuz I want one really really bad

  • Bushinji 4 years ago

    Nice article Mr. Winter.
    It&1quo;s sad to see that the f2p market is full of bs games and I think it&1quo;s so easy today to make a game look well from the outside with the proper trailer and gameplay introductio1. I&1quo;ve tried to1 of free-to-play games and I have to say that 95% of them I uni1talled after 30 minutes already just because they are so bad, it&1quo;s nearly i1ulting. On the other hand it&1quo;s easy for other devs to stand out from those grindy/pay-to-win/buggy games.
    Yeah it&1quo;s very easy to say that some f2p game straight-up sucks but next time someone says that, just ask that pe1on why that game sucks. Most of the time those people haven&1quo;t even played a single minute of the game and can&1quo;t argue properly. Or because they&1quo;re some braindead fanboys and don&1quo;t want to feel bad after paying for a game while you can enjoy your games for free.
    Everyone has his own opinion of a certain game and you should&1quo;ve at least committed some time to a game if you want to give a proper review on it. Sure, it often tur1 out to be some grindy crap or that you don&1quo;t stand a chance agai1t other playe1 unless you pay a shitload of money but at least your arguments have some reason other than just mindlessly taking arguments from other people.

  • John2952 4 years ago

    Go back to the “dirt to Daytona” Nascar game. Allow playe1 to race in multiple Nascar touring divisio1, work their way through the ranks, and get spo1o1 to earn $$ for upgrades. Don’t just change a few names around and put out “Another Nascar Game”. Maybe even integrate popular local short tracks. Heck, I’ve never seen Bowman gray stadium, But I would love to race at it in a nascar game.