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An alien army is invading earth. Your job as a weapons engineer is to build a killroom to protect yourself.rnrnThis is a different approach of an endless tower defense game.rnYou have 6 different weapons in your arsenal. A lot of them require electricity so make sure to upgrade the tiles you want to place the weapons on. All weapons can be upgraded.rn

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  • txnnok 4 years ago

    I want to be Hou Yi because to inflict punishment to all who defy me.

  • Isurus 4 years ago

    Got ESO (PS4) for < $5 with coupo1 at BB. been enjoying it, and really like watching streame1 for tips, and, it’s just plain fun to watch and play. competitive and skill-based PVP, with interesting ways to customize your character. fully voiced NPCs.nnot mind-blowing quests by any mea1, but the action is well paced and i dont have any long slogs running to places in other MMOs I’ve played (WoW, FFXIV). it keeps me glued to my seat which is more than i can say about any other MMO i’ve attempted to form a relatio1hip with.