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Next Avoider

Move the blue ball, avoid colliding with walls and the red balls, collect the green balls.

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  • Kerrook 4 years ago

    Congrats RO and Mabi, you have nearly reached the 25k vote restart point from last time, in just over 12h1.
    What will you do once both sides get removed from the brackets?

  • Master Chef 4 years ago

    SHH! If you say his name he’ll come out of the shadows to continuously tell you how wrong you are until he no longer cares how foolish he looks. 😉

  • PuddingBearZ 4 years ago

    yeah I see the repetitive part of it, needs to change the objectives up give more variety

  • InouK 4 years ago

    The sound quality these developpe1 can pull off just amaze me.