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1st Kiss

Help the lovers to kiss in the park without getting noticed by the other persons and fill the heart with sweet kisses before the time get ends. If anyone stares at them while kissing one life will be reduced. You have 3 lives for a level. Explore all the levels to score more points

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  • Jon Bois 4 years ago

    i dig this a lot! i&1quo;ve played to1 of sports games over the last 25 yea1 or so, and i&1quo;ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. most sports benefit from more sophisticated video gaming — basketball, especially, as evidenced by the NBA 2K franchise.nto me, baseball is the opposite. the old R.B.I. Baseball games nailed the gameplay so completely that even the exploitable glitches were fun. but then games went 3D. and y&1quo;all, hitting a baseball in three dime1io1 is HARD. a lot of the difficulty of hitting a baseball in real life — the mental/reflexive part — carries over to the gaming experience. the game might offer handicaps to allow the gamer to bat better than .050, but even when i do rope a double, i kinda just feel like i lucked find it equal parts funny and appropriate that R.B.I. Baseball is the only baseball game available on the 360 this season. it&1quo;s really the only sort of baseball game i&1quo;m interested in playing.

  • dyldebus 4 years ago

    Does anyone care after seeing the gameplay footage from E3?

  • god damit ladie, us only