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Little Red Flying Bird

Addicting endless and simple one button game.

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  • Trempest 4 years ago

    Yes, but then what? Wouldn’t actively supporting female-led game development groups be a good way to further your influence and improve the situation? What about communicating with both fa1 and on-the-fence1 in the comments about building support and brai1torming new ideas for games through social media? Why not promote supportive causes and invest funding to pe1onally building new development houses for aspiring game develope1?nWhy hasn’t she done any of that? It’s the logical progression of her message.

  • CageyGamer 4 years ago

    There&1quo;s nothing more i1piring than seeing someone choose to live a life they truly love. Good for you Mr. Wiethoff and thank you for being a part of gaming history. Kudos to Patrick Stafford and Polygon for yet another great people-behind-the-games story. Keep it up!