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Shoot as many devils as possible with out getting hurt. The score will increase as long as you keep shooting the devils. The Red line at the bottom of the screen indicates your health. If you are attacked by the devil, your health decreases. Keep shooting as many devils as possible before your health runs out to increase your score.

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  • OMGreally? 4 years ago

    5 yea1 later still waiting on the game to finally go free to play :(.

  • DespotJanko 4 years ago

    Thor, that bad boy needed a good lore skin. Out of all t2 ski1, it&1quo;s the best!

  • Ritchtea 4 years ago

    They have only trademarked “Candy” and “Saga” right? If so they should call their game “The Banner Crush” then trademark “Crush”. That’ll show them.

  • trence5 4 years ago

    here-here. Rogue Squadron games were my favorite SW based games period!