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Super Dramatic Flash Mini-Golf RPG

Command Hiro the Mini Golf Ball as he journeys across the land, battling the Dark Wizard Xerox's minions, in an effort to save his Mini Golf Ball girlfriend.

Face Orcs, Genies, Trolls, and more in Mini Golf style battle.  Level up and learn new abilities in three skill paths.  Defeat your enemies under par in 15 levels across 3 worlds as Hiro's heart-breaking, life-affirming story unfolds in voiced cutscenes.

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  • some one 4 years ago

    Fevalt when you say you played it on a private server are you talking about legend of the second or the gate of the world which was the cancaled ve1ion of the game that has private serve1 of it up.

  • Dragon 4 years ago

    I have n3770k @ 4.2GHZn16GB 2133MHz RAMna hybrid drivenand an EVGA 650ti Boost SC.nI get 30fps on high. That’s playable for me.