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Hexa Sudoku – vol 2

Play the sudoku game. The entire table is divided in 16 sections, each of 4x4 boxes. Assign numbers 0 to 15 (a = 10, b = 11, c = 12, d = 13, e = 14, f = 15) in the empty boxes so that in each section, row and column all numbers from 0 to 15 are present without repetitions.
Click on the numbers in the top right part of the screen to select the number. Click on an empty box to write the number. Click on a previous written number to delete it.

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  • wildbob777 4 years ago

    It is Metroid 3DS.

  • NivekJTFZ2 4 years ago

    Idid everything the i1tructio1 said, subcribed on youtube facebook, PLEAAASE i need a key!!!
    tribesnext is not working on my pc anymore!!!!!

  • Merv Tapper 4 years ago

    No cross-buy support for Xbox 360 and the One?