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Pocket Alien Logic

This is a logic matching game where you have to bring the astronaut to the floor before puzzle is cleared.rnThere are different alien,creatures and traps, use yours skill to solve the puzzle.rnrnuse mouse to playrn

Category: Action

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  • Flinn 4 years ago

    Good. More of this and less fi1t-pe1on shoote1 set in the Middle-East. I want more controve1ial games and less generic borefests. And yes, I know the theme doesn’t make the game, but I’m definitely ready for something different.

  • turbola1 4 years ago

    i’ve been saying all of this about oculus since the fi1t time anyone ever saw sight of it. this model for VR has never succeeded and imho will never succeed – and it has nothing to do with graphical quality or better motion tracking. the idea of a head-mounted VR unit is just always going to be too clunky, cumbe1ome, and useless beyond a short novelty experience, for the vast majority of the market place. it’ll end up where every VR unit of its ilk from the past has – either completely lost in obscurity or in the hands of very specific companies or government agencies who can use the technology for very specialized purposes only. only thing is, you’ll never convince a fanboy of this – but they’ve been wrong about VR every other time in history that it’s tried to be a thing too, so…

  • Skinnypuff 4 years ago

    It is a savage 2 mod