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Monster Buggy Madness

Get behind the wheels of a powerful modified monster buggy and race other drivers in some cool futuristic landscapes the game has to rnrnoffer.Test and improve your driving skills on some of the hardest lands a buggy has ever been. rnSteer just right the monster buggy and use arrow keys to drive and make it to the finish line in one piece.rnLearn how to drive in 10 levels and remember that patience it’s the key to survive and win the levels. rnHave fun!

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  • gebler 4 years ago

    He actually mentioned keeping production costs down here as one of the reaso1 for removing BC, while also saying that BC was not “all that expe1ive”. Not to be pedantic, but there is a difference there. A cost saving could be significant without being very large large, especially when multiplied by a large number of units.

  • decky 4 years ago

    give me key pleaseeeeeee…