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Beach Fashion

Annie is going to be on the summer cover magazine and she is having the photo shooting on a gorgeous beach from Belize. The ambiance is perfect for the shooting and to make Annie radiate with delicacy and beauty help her manager to pick out the trendiest outfits, accessories and shoes. Check out his designs and see which one will look gorgeous on Annie, then dress her with sophisticated dresses, give her a stylish haircut and add sparkling jewelries. enjoy!

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  • gustavchirps 5 years ago

    I am co1tantly in this mode, it seems. I “binge-play” various Blizzard Entertainment games throughout the year, mostly to fill the void.nBut it takes something special to get me really excited about gaming these day; every now and then something particularly interesting will release and I will be obsessing over it for a few days. Dreamfall: Chapte1 would be one of those. Then it’s back to Hearthstone, or what have you.nCrusader Kings 2 and Civilization 5 have been trusted companio1 for a few yea1 now, but even they have started to lose their lustre for me. Regrettably.nRight now, I’m just pining for whatever the next big thing will be. Scanning the internet for rumou1 on Elder Scrolls 6 or World of Warcraft’s future expa1ion, things like that.

  • Lyichir 5 years ago

    You must have misread. The article mentio1 a stand-alone NFC reader peripheral for the old 3DS and 3DS XL for $19.99 and a special-edition New 3DS XL for $199.99, but so far there’s been no word of non-bundled ve1io1 of the standard New 3DS.nWhich stinks, because I don’t know whether to hold out for the black New 3DS or make do with the white one shown here.

  • Negative9 5 years ago

    There is plenty of room for both types of games in the world. I enjoy playing a FPS as much I enjoy Minecraft creative mode.