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Minicar Hunt

You are the proud owner of a minicar traveling on a highway alongside a group of supercars that have mocked you because of your small dimensions. It is time to prove your opponents that you are far from a rusty old car and teach them a lesson they will never forget. In every level of this wild competition you have to take down a couple of enemies. Destroy the cars of the indicated number of opponents to get to the next level. Keep your eyes wide open because the supercars will do anything to stop you and whenever you see tools on the highway take them to increase your car's health. Good luck and enjoy!

Category: Driving

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  • derpina 5 years ago

    HotS had a chat? Been playin since CB…. No one chated. Why do these companies not have a “chat off” button? Oh yeah… Marketing. Its a scam to intice you like a passive aggressive taunt to play their game.
    What toxic moba is?
    Low pinge1.
    Recently: Bots.