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Last Minute Makeover – Popstar

This amazing popstar is going to give a smashing concert tonight. But she only just arrived backstage and already needs to perform in just a few minutes! Can you get her ready in time for the show? First give her a quick makeover and then dress her up. Make sure she looks beautiful for all her fans!

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  • Ridghost 5 years ago

    This will make a descent distraction and online game to have fun with as a RO veteran, however without the 3D graphical enviroment, and having RO seemingly lost it&1quo;s way throughout the yea1, i cannot expect much from the game yet. All my focus and many other RO fa1 will be on Project R1(The Tree of Savior) in hopes the original creator and father of RO can bring back some of (all of) the magic RO once had. I hope at the very least this game will be F2P and not P2W. I would prefer a subscription than P2W, however co1idering the original is now P2W, again, not much hope, just a lot of speculation >

  • UserTesting 5 years ago

    Hi STLWHOP,nJust announced 🙂 update this image, it’s from 5 yea1 ago…