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Hawkeye Gamer

The long awaited sequel of great "Do You Know Flash Games?" is here!

Will you recognize your favourite flash games characters when you see them? Look at the screenshots and find what's right and what is wrong.

In this quiz there are 180+ screenshot based questions about popular games.

3 question types

2 game modes: Campaign and TimeRush

All the developers of the mentioned games approved using their screenshots in the quiz.

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  • gerrt 5 years ago

    no interested , i saw the Overwatch’s theatrical teaser they cant even show real gameplay i1tead they show this fantasy BS movies most bad looking games with mundain gameplay do why do they do this? to hide the fact their game has nothing real to offer overwatch will most likely be another Boring deathmatch game with a few smallish maps plagued with idiotic children and adults with childlike minds .
    same game play over and over ZZZZ