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Friv 1

Friv 1 is the most amazing Motorcycle game to hit the market. It has a incredible number of levels and each one gets more challenging as you go. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Friv 1!rn

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  • theshonen8899 5 years ago

    They said “LCD” which in Japanese is basically like saying something about as vague as “monitor”, or “screen. We’ll have to wait until the tech specs are released to see if they’ve actually moved from OLED. Even if they did, IPS could actually be an improvement.nThey’ve also moved to micro usb, which may mean MHL is supported, though I doubt it.

  • technoKyle 5 years ago

    “It’s a teaser that only confirms that the game is a real thing.”nTo be fair, that’s all I’d expect from a teaser trailer right before E3 for a game coming out in a year. There’s plenty of time for “proper” traile1 and gameplay footage and more general information on the game.nRemember the initial trailer for Street Fighter IV back in the day? That didn’t show us what the final game looked like either, or show us any gameplay, or any new characte1 apart from the two we knew would definitely be in it, or do anything else other than confirm that the game existed. And that’s possibly one of my favourite announcement traile1 ever!

  • Yomama 5 years ago

    Cabal is borrringg!!!

  • mrbanz 5 years ago

    Stupid ppl say Free to play games yeah “World Of Warcraft” haha that kids