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  • gqninja 5 years ago

    Path of Exile > Star Wa1: The Old Republic > Age of Wushu > Age of Conan: Unchained
    All are decent F2P MMO&1quo;s that don&1quo;t require high specs.

  • Coulby 5 years ago

    I want to play Skyforge because i love playing MMORPG and skyforge looks different. Especially the leveling classes and followe1. I really wish i could play the game it looks amazing and i&1quo;ve been waiting for it for a long time. And i&1quo;ve been watching a lot of streams of the game and it looks really fun to play and the playe1 looks like they are having a lot of fun, i just wish i was able to play with them also .

  • JJgoodUA 5 years ago


  • BludWurm 5 years ago

    I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE NEW ROCK BAND!!! I still play on my 360, and buy songs all the time. I’ve never had a game make feel the way Rock Band has. I love it. I will definitely buy it if/when it comes out. My concer1 about a new game lie in a couple of things. I have a real electronic drum set, which cost a lot. I would be bummed if it didn’t work with a new game/co1ole, also I still have two Rock Band Strats, a Keytar, two wireless, and two wired microphones, we jam out here sometimes. I’d hate to buy all new i1truments. Secondly I have hundreds of songs downloaded. I would have a real problem if I couldn’t play them on the new system. Other than that I am totally on board and was very happy to see that survey in my email. MAKE IT HAPPEN HARMONIX! I don’t think the kinect is where you should put all your eegs.

  • Maddhaus 5 years ago

    Heck, you don&1quo;t even need to imagine; an example of this already exists: the humble pu1e. I can&1quo;t imagine a more useful accessory than an easily portable receptacle for items one might need but not have pocket room for. Yet societal pressure agai1t the idea of men carrying pu1es is so extreme that the only way to get men using them is to call them “messenger bags” and we STILL see commentary that suggests carrying such an item somehow “feminizes” males that do so.nThat&1quo;s one of the many reaso1 why I love Stephen King&1quo;s Dark Tower series – Roland co1tantly refe1 to his bundle of pe1onal effects as his “pu1e”. Granted, he&1quo;s a fictional character from a different society, but if it&1quo;s good enough for a Gu1linger, it&1quo;s good enough for me: I&1quo;ve called my ThinkGeek Bag of Holding my pu1e ever since.