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Hidden Fables 7

Hidden Fables 7 features a new hidden object challenge. Choose one of the 2 difficulty modes and find all 125 hidden objects scattered across a beautiful painting. Play on the hard mode to get a higher score. Have fun playing this new hidden object game!

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  • im very intrested i hope this game will rock because it looks good

  • DontPanicDent 5 years ago

    “Maybe it&1quo;s not entirely profiteering, but modern irony. People don&1quo;t want to have feelings about the world, so they&1quo;re playing with it i1tead, as a mea1 of coping or dese1itization.”nGeez…dead on.

  • _Billiam 5 years ago

    I may of already booked off the 10th of November…