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Sim Taxi London

Sim Taxi London is bringing the classic taxi-driving game to an all-new location! Drive passengers to their destination, dodging cars, weaving past buses and taking tight turns! Make sure you take the shortest route you can, because if you take too long, your passengers won't pay you, and worse still, you'll waste precious gas! Best be careful too, because if your taxi takes too much damage, you'll have to pay for the repairs, too!rn

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  • Reckoning 5 years ago

    You sir are incorrect, it was a squeal to Everquest 1, hence the 2 the storyline is a tad behind due to the fact that Eq1 has been out way longer. They have also filled in details of the story, about the gods etc. I&1quo;ve been playing Eq2 since the beta. Lately the game has declined, but hopefully Eq3 comes out or another similarly satisfying game.

  • An RPG gamer 5 years ago

    If you&1quo;re short on time, an mmorpg is the WRONG type of game to be playing.