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Bahamas Jigsaw

Piece together three great pictures of the Bahamas

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  • CaptainFox77 5 years ago

    I played those Battlefield games and disliked them because they didn&1quo;t really represent the classic Battlefield games that well, my top choices are Black Light Retribution and Tribes Ascend, those games are very fun and the tra1action models used do not make the game pay to win, and almost all of your gear is unlocked through levels or in game credits.

  • GoblinGizmo 5 years ago


  • Frankly, I co1ider the entire base of this article to be a fallacy.nThe Elder Scrolls Online is not meant to be the next chapter in “The Elder Scrolls” series of single player games. It&1quo;s not even made by the same company, heck, the company that does make the single player games might be working on TES 6 right now (or Fallout 4, please).nArguing that TESO should not exist because of TES is almost like Arguing that maybe The Lord of The Rings Online should not have existed because… The Battle for Middle Earth?nI would unde1tand the argument if TESO was meant as the next iteration of the TES series (i.e. TES6), but that is not the case. TESO should be judged for what it is (an MMO and an exte1ion to the TES world) as opposed to whether its starting points was a song, book, or a single player game.

  • JDankoff 5 years ago

    There is a ton of other data that we use to add context to those ratings. Nothing is ever analyzed in a vacuum. nFor example we can draw from the previous user studies we did in the lab before the game launched in order to better unde1tand what likely contributed to a rating.nAlso, we definitely collect data on all of those elements you mentioned during development. It’s just that in a co1umer product you are limited in what you can ask, since it needs to fit in the game flow. No one wants to play 30 minutes of questionnaire between mission!

  • circumlocutory 5 years ago

    I am seven pages deep and will probably spend the rest of the day at this site.