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Notebook Castle Pirates

Avoid the arrow, flak, and explosion, everytime the player move the energy will decrement and when player stop moving energy will increment.

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  • SHawks01 5 years ago

    Why do people hanker for single-player in primarily multiplayer/online FPS games? The single-player portio1 of games like Battlefield and CoD etc, are always weak/average at best, and the overwhelming majority of playe1 buy the games for their multiplayer elements; focussing on single-player thus is, to me anyways, a complete waste of time and resources.nI applaud Respawn for focussing their efforts on only the multiplayer side of things, which is what the majority of game1 would be playing anyways.

  • Agree 5 years ago

    Dead on. The show has been a bit of a mess for a while now but this episode was particularly bad and the politics jab was not only tacky but provided no value to the discussion. Sad to hear.

  • Smalltalkjava 5 years ago

    Curious, why are L2 and Aion so profitable? Are they profitable in the west or just in the east? Is their model different than most other games?