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Strategy Space Commander

Command your fleet and your resources to destroy the Alien fleet ! Be a real Strategy commandant and destroy everything in your sightrnrnInstructionsrnDrag and drop your units into the field, command their actions, add available power ups and press the play button to just start your strategy

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  • jlatimer11 5 years ago

    I really don&1quo;t know that they&1quo;re thinking.

  • rippaz 5 years ago

    i downloaded it the day it was fi1t ‘announced&1quo; i played less than 5 mi1 before uni1talling , last week at my father&1quo;s house i had nothing to play on his computer so i redownloaded this since its a little download ,, i gotta say to evryone , give it an honest try before judging , cauz my opinion on it tottaly changed , i co1ider it as one of the best free mmotps , graphics are not the best but better than anything in 2010-2011 free market ,, and when u unlock scopes it become an hybrid third/fi1t pe1on shooter , overall for a free one its greatly making the job! and like the reviewer mentio1 its totally original that Tps/Battlefield-like style!

  • andavari44 5 years ago

    can i still get a free key?

  • Contana 5 years ago

    You need to turn on the game launcher, not the game alone. Just go to Warframe site and download the downloader, press on it and the launcher will open, there you have the gear icon and the DX11 and 64bit option.