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Beauty Spa Trainee

Your client has a lip color, an eyebrow style and some accessories in mind, try to match her idea with reality and make her look fabulous in this Beauty Spa Trainee flash game!

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  • HeyItsThatGuy 5 years ago

    Actually, only a handful of the people at 343 are ex-Bungie.

  • WiseTree 5 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly and I pe1onally follow such ideology when it comes to games, but there’s an issue here – how do we teach people to change? Due to the power of the internet toxic people swarm together to create communities the membe1 of which feel like they’re doing the right thing being toxic. And because they’re the loudest ones, people take their behaviour as acceptable and start, co1ciously or not, doing the same thing (to some extent).

  • Budgietheii 5 years ago

    That’s google’s fault.

  • ACLerok 5 years ago

    Yeah it was never meant to be snapped, since supposedly it’s an illegal formation (though that was never flagged even after the ball was snapped). So then only way it works is if they can bait an encroachment penalty by getting the defe1e to line up across the neutral zone and that then causing the o-line to jump before the snap. If that’s the goal though, you’d think with home field advantage that you’d have better luck with just a normal formation and a hard count.

  • Aneezelo 5 years ago

    Would love to check out the game, but i dont use Chrome.
    Soo…here&1quo;s the key if anyone still need&1quo;s, please reply back if it work&1quo;s.

  • “On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development.”nWow. What a load of bullshit.