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Cooking Super Macarons

Heya… do you love macaroons? In this new cooking game you get the chance to learn a secret macaroons recipe! rnIn just a few steps, following indication in the game, you can cook a perfect, sweet dessert. rnMacaroons seems easy to make and also it’s fun because you can make it in different colors. Let’s see if you can prepare this delicious dessert. rnI’m sure your friends will love it, maybe they can also give you a hand preparing macaroons! rnGood luck!

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  • bananaoomarang 5 years ago

    Nice section names 😛

  • sakjdasj 5 years ago

    how the heckis this game hack and slash when you cant control the characte1 hack and slashing this is the same autoattack as every other mmo. hack and slash is like Tera Online or RaiderZ online not this stuff