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Garage Zombie 48hr Jam Edition

Walk up to items on the various tables using arrow keys or WASD and then select whether or not you wish to buy it. When you begin, your estimation skills aren't great, but the more times you buy an item the smarter you get with it! Make sure you hurry, too, for some odd reason this garage sale location closes VERY quickly!

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  • Cardeablue 5 years ago

    Jack is correct.

  • HNTMM 5 years ago

    So… are they not going to bother fixing the PS3 ve1ion? I&1quo;ve owned BF4 for a week and it accounts for more than half the crashes I&1quo;ve experience on that particular platform.

  • messiah 5 years ago

    i want a beta key because firefall will fire my pc during fall