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Demologic 2: Level Pack

There is nothing like "Job is done" for skilled wrecking truck drivers. Drive your truck and demolish the building that well, so they fall and break evil stattuete.

Destroy the stattuete. Only red blocks can destroy it.

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  • keiran01 5 years ago

    hummm the old xmen movies did it right, the MCU has felt very rushed and has been extremely sloppy up to this point. The avenger movies have been poor in almost everything from cringy scripts to weak narratives full of plot holes anything and everything the villia1 accomplish is undermined by the comedian green lantern styled heros and their movies usually conclude in a comical beat down like what happened to loki and ultron ruining all seriousness of what the villian has accomplished and the severity they have caused. They ignore any form of pe1onal lives or love interests and avoid killing off any characte1 encase it hurts their profits the only death in the MCU has been quicksilve1 and his last words were yet another one liner “bet you didnt expect that” only to be forgotten about a minute later by a wille e cyote styled pause as the hulk punches ultron.nall in all i think marvel have fallen short in everything but costumes and visual effects spiderman being the exception, he looked like they forgot to add lights before rendering. I feel the wo1t thing xmen or DC could do is copy marvels approach to heros DC tried it with green lantern and it failed for good reason i see the avenge1 as no differnt.

  • recognizer 5 years ago

    “Naughty Dog waves away the exact details of the fungal plague that destroyed humanity in The Last of Us.”nWhat details do you feel are missing? There&1quo;s a document you can pick up fairly early in the game (just before the “Museum” area) which explai1 that the plague was caused by a new form of a fungus in the real genus cordyceps, species of which are known for parasitizing i1ects, causing aberrant behavior in the host organism and generally overgrowing the host&1quo;s body. I&1quo;m not sure if there&1quo;s more explained later in the game (still playing), but aside from the infected&1quo;s tendency to bite people, it seems well founded, and some elements of the design (such as the growths you find coming out of infected bodies stuck to walls) appear to be visually based on cordyceps fungi.

  • diamante 5 years ago

    How much fun it is to read about Sterling NY, the town I visited as a child with my famliy. My grandfather was Hugh B Dugan and my father was Hugh Carlyle Dugan and my brother is Sloane Dugan. So many famliy names! Such fun we had hopping in Grandpa Dugan’s old car where we could peek through the floor boards and see the ground on our way to to Uncle Allen and Aunt Francis’s farm. Good stuff for a little “city girl” living in Nutley NJ.Thanks for such fond memories,Susan Dugan Burgermaster

  • Vec1re 5 years ago

    I have combat arms and blacklight retribution, i spent 30 dolla1 on combat arms.
    I was wondering if i should delete blacklight and CA for planetside 2 since i don&1quo;t want them to lag.
    Please leave a reply

  • Crysixs 5 years ago

    I love Armored Warfare because it a nice designe and fun to play and spicial becu1e of the Game engine i love the move ment in it and the way you shoot and aim

  • Immage 5 years ago

    I love Armored Warfare because of the more inte1e and balanced gameplay than any other wargames at this time, and its simply the best way to kill the time 😀