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Baby Hadley Fun

Hey there, welcome to a new baby caring game! rnIt's so easy to take care of babies, they let you know when something is wrong by crying, you know when are happy because they are laughing and if they need something they will make sure you get it! rnFollow some easy steps in this game to keep a sweet baby happy. First you need to change his diaper and make sure he is comfortable. rnThen bring him his favorite toys and play a while, until he is tired and goes to sleep. rnIt's not that hard, isn't it? Good luck girls!

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  • Random guy 5 years ago

    PC games have no team work? I beg to differ. Co1ole multiplayer games are full of little 12 year old playe1 and other people who co1tantly talk over their microphones, abusing everyone, and co1istently provide little to no team work effort.
    I have seen far more teamwork on PC than co1oles.
    End of argument.

  • HEROES999 5 years ago