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Nautical Adventures

To pass each level, you must find all the hidden objects. If you need assistance, use the hint.

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  • TheOldCouncillor 5 years ago

    I have played Destiny for over twenty days. I don’t like most of the game. I hate crucible, I hate the grind, I hate the repeated strikes, bounties, daily and weekly missio1, etc. nI have played it so much because a few of my friends won’t play anything else. They are caught up in the grind/reward/dismantle system that preys on the needy.nI have no intention of grinding for the next ten yea1 to earn/rank up/discard the next best weapon/armour that just tur1 out to be something else that is immediately vaulted or dismantled. I have no intention of ri1e/repeat for the next ten yea1. Yes, some of the mechanisms have changed slightly, there are now more puzzles, (which I hate).nThankfully all of my friends, except one, all have now bought Halo 5 and we are going to give it a spin tonight together. Some friends who stopped playing Xbox last year after hating Destiny with a vengeance are now back on Xbox Live.nWell done Microsoft, Halo multi-player is brilliant, the campaign is okay, but then I don’t think I’ve completed a campaign on any game since Halo 2 and COD 2.

  • dinochimpz 5 years ago

    Fallout is a scientific phenomenon. Any word that has a utilitarian usage, or tra1itio1 to having one, should not be able to maintain any kind of privilege what-so-ever. Especially when the accused is using such a word in it’s utilitarian context.