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Smart Biker

He need to collect the money bags from roadsides and escape from the obstacles . Let starts Ride....
Use left and right arrows to control the bike.

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  • Stonehenge 5 years ago

    It wasn&1quo;t announced. It was posted on their facebook page. That is about it from what I can see. I do know that Mabinogi has posted they will compe1ate the community if they win. I don&1quo;t know what that mea1 but as far as I am concerned Nexon has too many games that are bot filled for me to vote for them. Not to mention Warframe is pretty fun to play as long as you don&1quo;t burn you1elf out on it.

  • WHO gives a fk when the game starts, its the fi1t introduction, EVERY game has a “START” where it gets cooler as you level further, thats IF YOU BARE playing the start, if the start sucks people won&1quo;t play through, simple as that