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Funny hunt

Hunt as many as birds as you can leaving the small birds, aside which will lose 100 points an hitting the small bird when you miss 6 birds, then the game endsrn

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  • TheWkdBen 5 years ago

    A-Bomb To Spirit Tales, It&1quo;s fun at the beginning but thne its just to easy to kill mobs and bosses… and also they only concentrate on the male charecte1 in the charecter creation because they look alot better and there spirits are alot more coller, for example the males spirit is a big tiger and a female char is just a flying enlarged female char with wings.. witch sucks! I thought theese game are ment to concentrate more on the female cha1 anyway! XD
    Da-Bomb to Guild Wa1 2 It has got to be one of the best games if ever played.. The fi1t beta weekend I played I was i1tantly hooked by everythink! I also love the fact you can level in World V world PvP and that feature in the game is a cool thing anyway.
    To a1er the Question of the week…
    Yes the Subscription based model is going to DIE! Very very soon… I alllso hope it will die to. Free To Play FTW.
    A question to the next free to play cast would be, Whats the main game you guys/gals play so other people can come and say hi if they allso play that game.