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Marine life. Find objects

To pass each level, you must find all the hidden objects. If you need assistance, use the hint.

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  • Patrykwaw 5 years ago

    Want a RPS worth checking out? Go look at WARFRAME made by the same people who developed The Darkness 2, THAT game looks amazing not these…

  • Swiftwing 5 years ago

    Here’s a complete List of PC Games that have gotten Community Support:n

  • zabisuke 5 years ago

    HAH thats what u get for being window 10 exclusive

  • Connor Lonergan 5 years ago

    I want to be Kukulkan because i am the dragon master

  • A1werofduty 5 years ago

    nI keep churning through NG+ Bloodborne for four or five hou1 until I can beat Vicar Amelia again at which point I’ll play the NG+ (read: more difficult) ve1ion of the DLC which I’ve heard is already pretty tough.nnI’m sorry, this is an outright lie. You can blitz through to Amelia in NG+ in under two hou1 easily, under 1 hour if you’re skilled and fast. And if you’re in NG+, you’re almost certainly powerful enough to handle the NG+ DLC, which is what you should be wanting to do if your character is of that high of a level. I can tell you from experience that doing the DLC with a level 100+ character, +10 weapo1 and endgame gems on the fi1t playthrough is a bit too easy.nHell, you can get to Amelia in under 2 hou1 on a brand new character, without that much trouble if you know the areas, though you’d be woefully underpowered for the DLC areas at that point in the game.nSorry, but I cannot accept this article’s complaints as valid.