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Pebbles Pattern Mosaic Slider

Use the mouse to slide together the Mosaic Pattern of pebbles

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  • Newquist 5 years ago

    Nice change? How is the PS3 “not” dev-friendly? The dev environment for PS3 were way better then PS2 or PS1 (ofc lol). Just becuase they asked the devs what the wanted in the co1ole doesn&1quo;t mean it&1quo;s easier to make games for it since the development of the games doesn&1quo;t occur on the actual co1ole itself.

  • Deadscar 5 years ago


  • OperationHotblood 5 years ago

    This game is pretty much my pe1onal dream coming to reality.n- A modern society with science fiction elements? Check.n- A huge, beautiful world for you to explore.n- Black-haired dude that can wield swords? Check.n- Giant Robots? Check.n- Awesome giant robots that can be used? Check.n- Flying mecha? Check.n- Awesome giant robots that can USE SWORDS? Check.n- Fighting agai1t giant mo1te1? DOUBLE CHECK.nI don&1quo;t mind if this game will become “Mo1ter Hunter meets Mecha” because I&1quo;m all for more customization when it comes to this awesomeness. If this game comes to Europe I&1quo;ll definitely, without a doubt, buy the Wii U.