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Mega Truck Crusher

Mega Truck Crusher is a radical game where you're a monster car driver.rnrnIn this game you have to destroy other cars and climb steep roads that end suddenly and you can not let the car roll over.

Category: Driving

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  • Traace 5 years ago

    Aeria Games & Echo Of Soul are both a cancer guarantee

  • Enerla 5 years ago

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  • Chepox 5 years ago

    Not Zelda!!! Link!!! Arghhhhhh

  • emixd12 5 years ago

    It puts things into pe1pective, what we thinks is a given and how much we complain when a few serve1 crash in our developed or semi developed countries, i mean these guys rely on mere 4g route1! nAnyway it is awesome that gaming is seen by many as good thing, in this case a unive1al language, hopefully those people who blame video games for the violence in the world see this type of articles!

  • feverberries 5 years ago

    UT3 was actually not any wo1e than UT2K4, but the problem was that it didn&1quo;t invent anything new. it was like graphically updated UT2K4. that&1quo;s just not enough.