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Compose squares from balls of the same color. Rotate blocks to compose 4 balls together.
Click Arrow buttons to rotate combination of balls. Click it again to continue rotation.

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  • I only ever wanted D2 with better graphics, then they took a huge “creative” poop all over the series. I&1quo;m not even ornery about the new skill/talent system, I don&1quo;t like it, but I don&1quo;t mind it. They ruined the little things for me, and when you play a game about farming items, the little things become important (imo).nFooled me once, I&1quo;ll just dodge the second joke of an expenditure.

  • Gentledog 5 years ago

    Valve&1quo;s big announcement is a controller? I&1quo;ll bet a bunch of people are going to be… Steamed.

  • Matthew Ardill 5 years ago

    My question is, are Sony offering refunds for games where tehy were unable to work? It sucks that it doesn’t work but as it’s a beta if they were refunding where the service didn’t work properly that’d not be so bad. If there are no refunds, then man this is not going to go well.

  • fenrysk 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind the shorter length if it’s designed with it in mind, with an appropriate pricing for the brevity.

  • Vitamin-D 5 years ago

    I only point out grammatical erro1 on Polygon because I hold the site in high regard:nnIt’s Its fi1t game will ben