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Bear Shooter

Many dangerous bears appeared in the forest. Hunter! Please pick up your gun and kill all of bears!

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  • Adel_ 5 years ago

    You know, that’s brought up a lot; but the reality isn’t exactly that. Performance scales with the capability of hardware, so so long as you expect the game to run well on something like a 760, it should run good on anything above.nI always hear this a lot. “Oh, well, it may run good on a 780 but not on a 980”, well if that’s the case, that just mea1 you really screwed the pooch.

  • Schwarmi 5 years ago

    Amerika is an armed madhouse overrun by psychopathic gangste1. Look at these cowards with snipe1 , tanks and machinegu1 threatening unarmed people protesting for their right not to be harassed, tazered and shot down like dogs.nNo amount of police cameras will fix this, they will simply use them or turn them off as suitable, to cover up their crimes.

  • cyberzone 5 years ago

    Hope i get the key this game look&1quo;s very awesome played black light. alot so can&1quo;t wait to play this 😀 thanks in advance!