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Gemollection Level Pack

Collect jewels into chests.
Cut chains and use interactive objects to solve the puzzles.
This is a level pack to the original Gemollection.

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  • Tescos 5 years ago

    I want to be Serqet because I want to be able to juke out a whole team by using my only escape/engage to not only attack them but also get out skot free

  • orben.wryght 5 years ago

    Thank god for an offline mode….ohnBut in all seriousness, I&1quo;ve had this conve1ation with a lot of people. It&1quo;s very unfortunate that games today really try to make it so the replay value yea1 down the line are impossible. Remember those games you use to play for hou1 on end when you were a kid? You can easily find a way to play it. Games now? Being burned to the ground as soon as they are done with it. I miss the days were game making was a chance. You either made a great game or died trying. Now it&1quo;s rehashing, easy money games. Need a lot of younger playe1? Add jiggling breasts. There is a reason why indie games are doing so well.nAlso, EA deserves a big F.U. They act like they need to protect their pile of shiny dung pile. Contradicting themselves all over the place and not giving a straight a1wer. Buying all these companies and bleeding them dry. EA really should be the kick starter of the gaming industry. Take a chance. Maxis wants to make a new game simulation, give them funding and let them do what they want.nAnd to all those programe1, artists, and other employees that have gotten laid off, work together, form a smaller game company, as i said before the indie field is growing in popularity. Make those games you always wished to make, as the gaming community for support and funds. I&1quo;ve seen really great games being made this way, especially people who had made blockbuster games in the past. They get the funds they need and make the game the way they envisioned it. Not just how their big brother company wanted it

  • BriBerries 5 years ago

    Are there any guides about where to start? Does the free to play experience let you play all the old story content? Getting into an MMO is super intimidating